Have You Heard of Priests’ Cove?

Dodecanese, Greece

Have You Heard of Priests’ Cove?

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The Dodecanese comprises of 12 islands in the South and North Aegean sea of Greece.  Of these islands, Symi is one of the most popular with its Venetian architecture which greets visitors by boat as soon as you enter the main harbour.  But further south on the east side you’ll find a paradise that can be visited on a blue cruise holiday with your charter gulet.  It’s a place, if visited at the right time, can be a paradise all to yourselves.  The location is peaceful, with a backdrop of steep cliffs and a short white beach.  The waters are ultimately inviting. So turquoise, so clear, so makes you want to jump in and not get out.  There is a small church and the bell rings every hour. But words are simply not enough to describe this amazing little cove all tucked away from the open sea.  

It’s called Priests’ Cove – well so say the gulet captains who anchor here with their guests.  If you’ve come all the way out this way to see Symi, Priest’s Cove should definitely be on your list of destinations to see.

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