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03 Dec How to Begin Your Search for a Gulet Charter?

So you are considering a gulet holiday? That's great!  Well if this is the first time for you, unlike motor yachts and bareboats; gulet charters and the style of holidays they offer are slightly different when it comes to finding a boat for you and...

Take Your Blue Cruise One Day At A TimeTake Your Blue Cruise One Day At A Time

30 Oct Take Your Blue Cruise One Day At A Time

Planning your holidays, and a blue cruise is something you yet have to experience?  Here are few tips to get you started.  The whole process of organizing is simple once all the details are clear. The planning can be just as simple. Key points in...

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24 Sep What Do I Need to Know About Booking a Gulet?

While there isn't too much to really know about booking a gulet charter holiday; a few key bits of information is certainly helpful so that your expectations are not overridden with a surprise or two. Once you have decided on your dream gulet, then it...