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What are Gulet Cruises?

A holiday style well known enough to be very popular, yet for travelers unfamiliar with what a gulet is, it is not known enough.  There are two types of gulet cruises.  Ones where you can hire a gulet with your private group alone, and those that can be shared with other passengers from different parts of the world.

A private charter is when you gather your family and/or friends and rent the gulet all to yourselves. They have crewed gulet cruises. Each cabin is usually equipped with air conditioning and private bathrooms. Gulets come in different styles and level of standards.  They are mainly built in Turkey and the ones you see in Croatia have either been relocated by the new Croatian owners, or delivered to Croatia just for the charter season.

Kaya Guneri 5 gulet

Kaya Guneri 5 gulet

Croatia Gulet Cruises

There are Croatian build gulets too. These are different in the style compared to the ones most known, such as the beautiful Morning Star below, but similar in concept and layout.

Morning Star Croatian gulet

Morning Star Croatian gulet

Shared gulet cruises are basically when you charter a cabin only (with your own bathroom in your cabin) and travel on a magnificent blue cruise with travelers from different countries. These types of cruises are ideal if you are less than a group of 4 without committing to a whole boat charter.  Mind you, some small groups as few as 2 hire a whole gulet to themselves too. 🙂

Gulet Holidays

There are 4 main countries which offer the most selection of gulets to charter.  The number one is Turkey with the world’s largest choice of gulets. The gulets in Turkey also serve in the Greek islands. So really the best and highest selection is between these two countries. This is because it is easy to deliver a gulet to the Greek islands, namely to the Dodecanese island group. The two main ports in Greece is Rhodes and Kos for gulet holidays. Depending on a gulet booking schedule, the gulet can be delivered to other ports in Greece. It may cost extra for a delivery or redelivery fee, unlike Rhodes and Kos where it doesn’t.  It is best to ask about embarking and disembarking at another port in Greece other than the two mentioned.

The next country in line in Croatia. Most of the gulets are from Turkey but have Croatian flags. If say there are 900 gulets in Turkey, there are about 40 – 50 gulets to choose from in Croatia.

Gulet Cruise Tours

Although you might not have the abundant choice of charter gulets compared to the early booking season; gulet cruise tours can prove to offer very good discounts on boats still vacant during prime weeks in high season months as well as others.  The prices drop so that the boats do not stay docked in the port and you get a really great price!

Whether you are looking for a gulet cruise for the first time, considering a different region or boat simply fill out the form below with what you would like to share with us about your group, dates, budget, and anything, and one of our blue cruise experts will be happy to assist in finding the gulet and planning your gulet cruise with you.

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