That Hidden Turquoise Cove Not Even On the Map

  • Korsan Koyu near Marmaris Turkey

As many travellers already know, the turquoise coast of Turkey offers some of the world’s most amazing bays, beaches and little coves lined along the shoreline. While there are numerous blue cruise routes available to choose from, listed with many spectacular anchorage spots, there are those places where only a captain could take you to, only accessible by boat, hidden spots, private and pure, and every so picturesque. You won’t find it in any blue cruise itinerary and possibly not even marked on any map given, and just one of those places for those seeking the ultimate privacy and peaceful, where the bottom of the sea floor can be seen.

On the gulet route from Marmaris or from Bodrum to Marmaris, there is a place as described above. During high season, only captains who know of it, or guests interested in privacy would enjoy it, is a rich tuquoise cove called Korsan Koyu (translated: Pirate’s Cove). Even the name is not your typical local name. When we asked Captain Suleyman of gulet K. Mehmet Bugra, why they call it Korsan (pirate) cove; there is no answer specific reason. It was at one time named by a captain, and since called the same by other seafarers. Tucked away behind small islets and surrounded by rocky landscaped hills, is a great place to take a short hike and enjoy the overall panoramic scenery. This picturesque mooring point is surprisingly located a mere few hours cruise from Marmaris port. When we visited this amazing location there was only one boat – apparently here for a long time – and I can see why. 🙂

So if your blue cruise travels happen to be between Bodrum and Marmaris; you now know to ask your captain about “Pirate’s Cove” Korsan Koyu. Rest assured he will be ultimately surprised to hear of your request of this neven mentioned pretty little cove not marked on any blue cruise map.

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