Must See Blue Cruise Travels in the Greek Islands, Turkish Style

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While the Turkish turquoise coastline is timeless and very desirable – literally with crystal clear waters and amazing virgin landscapes, lush and green; the nearby Greek Islands in the Dodecanese island group is a region worth not missing. Many travellers desire the experience to enjoy a blue cruise vacation aboard a traditional gulet; this is also very possible in Greece. Turkish gulets are delivered to famous ports such as Rhodes and Kos and sail in the Dodecanese visiting islands such as Tilos, Nisyros, picturesque Symi and a few more.  Another very desirable region is the Cyclades island group.

Famed for Santorini sunsets and the island of the winds, Mykonos; many, not all, Turkish gulets can also sail in this area.  While the Dodecanese and the Turkish coast are nearly perfect to cruise all year long during the gulet season; the Cyclades, may not be however. This is due to the strong Meltemi winds which are very active particularly in the afternoons. These strong winds are a great remedy to the hot summer temperatures, but may also create time away from your holidays while your gulet is sheltered in a bay, waiting for the winds to subside.  Many gulets shy away from traveling from Turkey into this island region for this reason. But the months of late May, early June, late September and October are great for a blue cruise vacation to Santorini and Mykonos. Travellers can either start their trip in Bodrum or Kos and continue across the Aegean sea, ending in Santorini.

There are two routes which can be organized for this. See maps below:

Bodrum to Santorini

Bodrum to Santorini via Mykonos

So if you gulet travel plans include anyone of these superb Greek islands, go for it. Turkish gulets are very experienced in these areas and if the booking schedule and time of year allows for it, a blue cruise experience is waiting for you and your family and friends.

For large or smaller groups, gulets K. Mehmet Bugra and S. Nur Taylan are excellent choices for routes in the Cyclades.

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