What Type of Meals are Prepared on Gulet Holidays

Due to the nature of the region where blue cruises are offered, the dishes prepared are that of Mediterranean style. This includes a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits; fresh seafood, meat and poultry dishes, casseroles, salads and pastry types. Depending on the boats, some are equipped to bake on board as well.

The crews are usually expert local fisherman. They don’t necessarily use professional fishing equipment.  Just a reel of line and bread can surprisingly be enough!  They too catch their own fish when available or if lucky. So during your gulet holidays, it might be that you could catch your own fish with the assistance of the crew; and perhaps enjoy a barbeque that night. Barbeques are wonderful on board gulets. Another possibility is buying the fresh fish from the local fisherman who come by gulets at anchor in bays in their little sandals sometimes. They show you their catch of the day, you select, bargain (perhaps with the assistance of the captain or deckhand), then later enjoy.

There are 2 types of blue cruise menu values offered. The higher offers more variety in dishes and seafood choices; from octopus, calamari, shrimp, lobster, crab, and available fish varieties. While the lesser priced is also a good choice, with similar types of foods, but not as many selections in seafood. Some boats also cater to International cuisine such as Italian, French, English, American, etc.

Overall priority is given to dishes made according the client’s preferences. A set of forms are given to charterer to fill out; asking for food and drink choices, as well as allergies, whether you need gluten free foods.

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