Bespoke Private Gulet Cruise Holidays. Let Us Help You Start Planning for 2017.
Blue Cruise Charter Holidays

Blue Cruise holidays are just as unique as the travellers who enjoy them. Not one gulet will be the same as the next. Whether you are one or many, there is a specially bespoken gulet cruise made just for you. Discover an unforgettable experience on a blue cruise holiday to share with your family and friends in the Eastern Mediterranean of Greece Turkey and Croatia.

Mirya Blue Cruise Charters manages their hand selected fleet of fine gulets in a variety of styles, standards and prices. From the Premium class boats to the more budget-friendly; we offer quality accommodation, well maintained boats with fantastic crews and amazing food – while taking you to some of the world’s most incredible corners of paradise. Ask for gulet reviews, prices, deals.

Gulet Cabin Charter Cruises

A wonderful alternative to private gulet rentals are gulet cabin charter cruises.  There is no requirement in hiring the whole boat or looking to gather a group of family and friends. You can go alone or with anyone you wish, meet new people from around the globe, while enjoying all the a memorable blue cruise holiday can offer you. Fresh foods, good times, amazing destinations, historical sites and more! Ask for details now!


Featured Turkey & Greece Gulet Charters
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K. Mehmet Bugra gulet
K. M. Bugra
2 weeks Cyclades / 8 Cabins / Deluxe / Featured / Gulet for sale / Private charter / Turkey & Greece
S. Nur Taylan gulet
S. Nur Taylan
2 weeks Cyclades / 8 Cabins / Deluxe / Featured / Gulet for sale / Private charter / Turkey & Greece
Kaya Guneri 5 gulet
Kaya Guneri 5
6 Cabins / Featured / Private charter / Turkey & Greece / VIP
Featured Croatia Gulet & Yacht Charters
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Alba gulet
Alba, Croatia
5 Cabins / Croatia / Deluxe Croatia / Featured Croatia
Our Most Popular Blue Cruise Routes

2 Week Blue Cruise Private Charter in the Cyclades

2 Week Blue Cruise in the Cyclades with Mirya Charters

Beginning from the port of Kos, embark on a 2 week blue cruise journey into the Cyclades via the Dodecanese islands of magical and historical Greece. Our voyage takes you to the most popular and picturesque islands including Santorini and Mykonos.

You will be pampered by a highly professional and dynamic crew of 6; catering to your needs while taking in the pleasures of the islands.

For this itinerary, we offer 2 magnificent Private Gulet Charters. Both new builds and in excellent condition with an outstanding reputation in top notch services, facilities and accommodation.

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