Blue Cruise Holidays with Mirya Yachting. Let Us Help You Start Planning for your Luxury Gulet Cruise Holidays!

Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise holidays are just as unique as the travelers who enjoy them. Not one gulet will be the same as the next. Whether you are one or many, there are specially bespoken luxury blue cruises made just for you. Discover an unforgettable experience on a luxury gulet cruises to share with your family and friends in the Eastern Mediterranean of Greece Turkey and Croatia. 

Gulet Cruises

Mirya Yachting manages their hand-selected fleet of fine cruise luxury gulets in a variety of styles, standards, and prices. From the Premium class boats to the more budget-friendly; we offer quality accommodation, well-maintained boats with fantastic crews and amazing food – while taking you to some of the world’s most incredible corners of paradise. Ask for gulet cruises reviews, gulet cruises prices and deals.

Luxury Blue Voyage Greek Islands

Turkish gulets offer the largest choice in gulet boats to hire. With the close proximity of the Greek islands, you can rent your gulet in Turkey, but luxury blue voyage in Greece!

Blue Cruise Turkey Gulet Cruises Greece Blue Voyage Holidays Croatia
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