Leaving Aquarium Bay for Knidos, Datca Peninsula

Our 1 Week Blue Cruise from Bodrum with Gulet Mehmet Bugra: Day 2

Sunrise in August, Bodrum Turkey

Day 2 – Further to our week long blue cruise holiday, I continue with day two of our gulet trip. We departed from the small cove near Aquarium bay during the early morning hours nearing sunrise around 06:30am. It was beautiful to watch the sun beginning to rise at the hour. The anchor was hoisted and our destination; Knidos.  This is an ancient archaeological site most definitely worth seeing if you are travelling by gulet from Bodrum or Datca or Marmaris.

After a few hours from the Bodrum region, we arrived at Knidos nearing 9:00am. As we entered the small sheltered bay, we could begin to see the ruins left from the Carian era. The site goes further out and behind the short hill and scattered across a large area.  We stayed at anchor and reached the shore by tender – after having a beautiful Turkish breakfast.

It was around 10:30 am when Captain Suleyman decided to leave, to a beautiful bay near the town of Datca. Here we would enjoy some swimming and other water sports activities. We arrived to this picturesque and private bay just shortly before 12:30pm. After an hour and a half of fun in the warm waters, it would be lunchtime. 🙂

It was approaching 6:00 pm when we saw from a distance the charming port of Datca where we would be having dinner, exploring the town and staying overnight.

Day 3 coming soon…

Photos leaving Bodrum region during sunrise
Photos arriving in Knidos anciet city
Photos of small unnamed bay near Datca town - passing by Aktur
Photos sailing to Datca and arrival to port of Datca and town, just in time for dinner

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