10+ Cabin Gulet Charters

Gulet Charters offering Cabin Accommodation for 20 and over passengers.

A variety of standards in 10 and over cabin gulets to charter. Guest count could be anywhere from just a few guests (to have your own cabin to yourself) to over 20 passengers.  Gulets listed are available from their own base country: Turkey.  The ones based in Turkey can also travel in the Greek Islands if the boats have the proper ship permit. Not all 10 plus cabin count gulets are allowed to cruise in Greek waters. The Caferoglu 7 gulet has the permission to carry passenger groups over 12 in the Greek Islands.

Gulets with 10+ Cabin Accommodation
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Caferoglu 7 gulet
Caferoglu 7
10+ Cabins / Luxury / Private charter / Turkey & Greece
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